• The Fat Diminsher Review- Does The Severino Diet Work (Updated February 2017)

    Are you overweight, seriously concerned about your health, or just looking to shed some pounds for your own personal reasons?


    There are a ton of books, diets, and programs out there that have been popularized, marketed, and utterly hyped up, only for us to find out, they don’t work. It is so frustrating when you actively want to take control of your health and weight, but don’t know where to start.


    The Fat Diminisher might be a program to look into that actually works. The name and concept of the program are simple and straight forward.


    Review Updated September 2017


    The Fat Diminisher System is a new eBook that offers a sound way to shred fat in an efficient and safe way. It does require some effort, and it's not a quick-fix system, but it will help you get the body you want if you stick to the program.

  • An introduction the the program

    In this article we'll take a look at Wes Virgin's latest diet program: Fat Diminisher, known by many as the Severino Diet.


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    About the Author: Who is Wes Virgin?

    Wesley Virgin is the creator of the system. He is a trainer and motivational specialist that works to help people achieve lasting results and change their lives. With a history of physical fitness in the military, he continued to dedicate his life to helping people lose weight and reach their fitness goals through weight loss camps and one on one sessions.

    He has helped people around the world lose weight. His program is just one of the ways that he tries to help people get more out of their day and live healthier, more energetic and fulfilling lives.

    What Does the Program Do?

    The program has been receiving a lot of press lately, and we wanted to see what it is all about. As we all know, there are so many diets out there. Before we even think about buying the book and putting in the work, it is important to know what the program does, what is it all about, and what you can expect to see as a result.


    The program has a similar goal to almost every other weight loss diet out there. It aims to help you lose weight in less than a month using healthy diet and fitness strategies. The goal is to burn 10, 20 or 30 plus pounds of pure fat just by making some changes to your normal eating patterns.

    This plan doesn’t rely on any pills, surgeries, crazy, exhausting workouts, or extensively restrictive diets. This is no Atkins, Paleo, Beach Body, or Weight Watchers plan. There are no points to count, exhausting workouts that discourage you before you even get started.

    The Fat Diminisher focuses more on feeding your body the right things so that it can work the way it is supposed to.

    The Fat Diminisher Diet

    Over 100,000 people have tried the Fat Diminisher and are coming back with amazing results. Wes claims that his inbox is constantly full, as well as his social media profiles, with people just wanting to share their success with him. From pictures and stories found on his website. Countless real live people, like you and me, have benefited from the program.


    While it is impossible to highlight all the success stories, many of them give us a good idea of what to expect from using this system. People report an average weight loss of 22 pounds in the first month of using the Fat Diminisher. It has reportedly helped individuals who have suffered from heart attacks, and it has reported significantly to reduce the effects of diabetes and other illnesses.


    People share stories of increased muscle tone, more stamina in their daily activities and the bedroom. People feel younger, lighter, and say their energies levels are higher than they have been in years. Some people write in saying that their weight loss has let them stop taking diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol medicine, saving them hundreds of dollars a month.


    Taking care of your body should always lead to better health, so it is expected there would be good results when people put in the effort to make healthier decisions.


    The real question for the Fat Diminisher is if it really does help you lose weight. That’s what we came for.

    It seems, not only does the program claim to help you lose up to 30 pounds in a month; it's supposed to help you lose seven pounds in the first week. The program is designed for the average person who wants to increase their overall level of health.

    Who is The Diet Program For?

    Keep in mind this diet was created for people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. It's not for the bodybuilder or professional athlete. It's designed for real people with busy schedules, and it's set up in a way that is pretty easy to follow. The program is suitable for people of all ages, and it has helped people in their 50s and beyond get in shape and gain more energy.

    It should go without saying, that if you do not have the extra weight to lose, this diet won’t work as effectively for you. Someone who weighs 120 pounds won’t get the same results as someone who has excess fat to burn off.

    The Science Behind the Program

    This program is excellent for the average person who wants to lose weight because it is based on real science. It won't have you taking strange supplements or going on extreme caloric restrictions to help you lose weight. Your body won’t go into survival mode from not getting enough food, and you won't be living without the bread and carbs you love. The diet focuses on helping you to get a healthy amount of protein, fats, minerals, nutrients and carbohydrates.


    Many diets ignore the latest science, and they demonize certain types of food. We’ve heard this before with the low carb diet, no sugar diet, gluten free diet, fat-free diets and so on.


    The truth is that some fat is good for you, the right carbohydrates are necessary, and the right amount of protein is essential to losing weight. When you get these components in the right combination, miracles really can happen. This is what the diet focuses on, giving you good old-fashioned healthy eating and an exercise program that will change your body.


    The program gives you the instructions, advice, and information to succeed. Things that really help you lose weight. Eating more slowly, drinking more water, eating more greens are all suggestions that nutritionists have been recommending for years.


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    This diet goes above and beyond, and it pulls all of the latest science into one sleek system that works.

    Some of The Things You'll learn

    • The importance of water- what foods have them and how to use them to curb your hunger and help with digestion
    • How to make better choices when it comes to carbs- eat more of the good types and less of the bad ones
    • Some great recipes that come with a shopping list – so you get enough of the right foods and don’t have to spend lots of time looking up complicated ingredients
    • What times of days are best to eat- depending on your schedule to make sure you stay full longer and don’t binge on those late night cravings

    These are just a small sample of the information you’ll get in the book and tons of other answers and clarifications about all those myths you have heard in the dieting world for so long.

    The Pros of The System

    If nothing else, this program will get you healthier. You learn how to make healthy choices when it comes to your food.


    One of the biggest issues with many diet plans is that you don't really know why you're making changes. This program requires you to invest some thought into your eating choices and make good decisions on a daily basis. When you go to a restaurant, you'll know what foods to choose just by looking at the menu. You won't have to request complicated meals or go to specialized restaurants just to continue losing weight.


    The program also offers quick results, and you won't have to cut corners to achieve success. There are also a vast number of customer success stories, and regular people have succeeded with this program. The program is effective and has worked for thousands of people. You're bound to get a benefit from following the system.


    Wesley Virgin has real life experienced as well, spending years training people in the military and group fitness classes. This means he knows how to be tough, but he also knows how to adjust his system to fit the needs of the general public. This means you’ll be pushed just enough to see real change, but not too hard you’re tempted to quit.

    The Cons?

    The program will work, but you still have to put in the effort. There is a lot of information, and you have to follow the program as it is laid out if you want to see results.When you lose the weight you need, you can take a more relaxed approach to dieting, but you'll still need to incorporate the principles of healthy eating and exercise to stay in shape.


    There are no quick fixes, and when it comes to health, you're going to need to make smart decisions for the rest of your life.


    There is some science to suggest that having a period where you overeat can actually benefit you if you recover from it properly. When you eat too many calories and carbs, leptin is released. This is a fat burning hormone, and if you get this hormone going again and then stop, you can actually burn more fat.


    So, while you should try to stick with the diet and not modify it, if you have a bad day it won't completely ruin your results, and it may even help you a bit.

    Wrapping it up

    There are a lot of programs that are available on the market. Many are too expensive, give you the wrong information and some are downright dangerous to use. When you're out of shape, it's hard to make good choices about your weight since you're just trying to survive. You need a program that you can stick to, and that is proven to work.


    The Fat Diminisher has tons of success stories to back up its proven method, and it's based on sound scientific evidence. No more starving your body, eating tiny prepackaged meals that leave you hungry, or crazy workouts that I just know I wouldn’t be able to do.


    The program is also great for people who are short on time. Health risks are a serious matter and need to be addressed. Losing weight seems to be the answer, or at least the first step, to feeling in control of your own life and body.


    Follow the simple rules of the diet, and you will see results. It's that simple.

  • Get started today - Try Fat Diminisher Risk Free

    The program is backed by a 100% refund withing 60 days if you're not fully satisfied with the program. Click the button below to get one of our discounted copies (through the official website). These spots are limited, and only available to our readers via the links on this site.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Some questions we often get regarding the Fat Diminisher

    What you’re really buying

    Many people feel that they have unique bodies that only respond to specific, tailor-made programs. This is true to some extent, but wrong for the basic make up of human bodies. Everyone is different, but the essence of how we work and function are similar.


    The Fat Diminisher works to activate that the core cells of your body to work as they have done for hundreds and hundreds of years. If you take away the new additives in foods, free radicals in the air, the toxins we are exposed to every day and replace them with the minerals and nutrients our bodies actually need, you’re bound to see a difference.


    This is why the Fat Diminisher works for everyone. If you want to, or need to lose weight, and willing to put in the work to complete the program, the Fat Diminisher will work for you.

    Delivery Method

    If you’re looking to get started on your fitness and health goals now, the good news is that the Fat Diminisher comes in eBook format. This means, as soon as you buy your copy, you can download it and get started within minutes.


    No waiting around for days or weeks for the book to come to your door, and best of all no shipping charges!

    How Much Does it Cost

    The Fat Diminisher cost $37. In comparison, it is a little more than a week of Starbucks coffee, or the price of a meal out.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Wes believes that losing weight and taking control of your fitness is one of the most important things in life. He built this program around the idea of wanting you to succeed.


    With that in mind, if for any reason, this doesn’t work for you, or you’re just not happy about it, you can return it for a full refund. No questions, no hassles, and a full refund in 60 days if it’s just not for you.

    How Can I Get Access now?

    The best place to purchase the Fat Diminisher is from Wesley’s Virgin’s website itself. I honestly don’t even know where else would sell it.


    He is the sole publisher of the book, and when you buy from him, you know you’re getting the real deal and the money back guarantee.


    Just click on the link below to get started on taking control of your health plan today.